GoGoPDF Guide: How To Put Password For Your PDF Files

By | December 29, 2020

We use PDF (Portable Document Format) almost every day. However, only a few individuals are blessed with the knowledge of how to utilize every part of a PDF file. An essential factor that you need to know about PDF is its advantages and its drawbacks. As we enjoy our daily usage of PDF and its benefits, we should always be cautious with its flaws.

We usually use PDF files for our school works, business, and other essential activities. Unable to deliver a specific document can cause you trouble. Hence, having an online PDF converter tool to help you with the drawbacks you can experience using a PDF file.

About GoGoPDF

When we talk about an online PDF converter tool for your PDF files, one of the most well-known websites on today’s internet is the GoGoPDF. It offers multiple functions you will need when using a PDF file like Password Protect PDF, Add Page Number PDF, Compress PDF, Convert PDF to PDF/a, and the most used function is converting PDF files into another format.

When you choose to use GoGoPDF as your online PDF converter tool, all of those functions mentioned above will be available to assist you. As you can see, it can perceive almost all the functions that your PDF file will need on the website of GoGoPDF. You don’t have to visit various websites to configure your documents. All the PDF file needs can make use of a single platform.

GoGoPDF is proud to offer a convenient and straightforward way of service for your PDF filessince it can perceive most of your document needs on the website. It is more convenient to just visit their website if you need to configure your PDF file. When using GoGoPDF, it is their goal to produce a high-quality outcome for your PDF file.

If you are still browsing the internet on what is the best online PDF converter tool. You should try using GoGoPDF, and you will definitely regret it, as most individuals that have tried their service are more than satisfied and recommending their website to everyone. You can also avail of their free trial service to experience their premium services. These are some most utilized functions of GoGoPDF.

Password Protect Your PDF Files

It is like second nature when we are sending PDF files through the internet. But have you ever tried sending a PDF file through the internet securely? Yes! You can send a file that is encrypted with a password. As professionals always used emails to send their PDF files, it is foremost that they should feel secure when sending their confidential PDF files through the internet.

It is essential to put a password to protect your PDF files. Adding a simple password to your PDF files can help you stay away from people who have malicious intentions with your personal information. However, it is not a 100% assurance that your PDF file is secure. It will be harder for your PDF file to get hacked, and most individuals can’t get into your PDF file.

Your PDF file can’t be 100% secure because you can’t track the viewers of your PDF file. You will not understand who is forwarding your PDF file and password to other strangers. However, on the bright side, your PDF file can be limited to a few individuals. Your document’s vulnerability to being published to the public can now be limited when having a password for your PDF file.

How To Put Password To Your PDF File

To put a password for your PDF files, you will need third party software that can help you encrypt your PDF file. An online PDF converter tool is among the most important used third party software by many individuals. We have a vast option of online PDF converter tools in today’s market. However, only a few websites can deliver a reliable, quality, secured, and convenient service to the people.

If you are still undecided on what online PDF converter tool to use, try GoGoPDF as it is among the most prominent online PDF converter tools in today’s market. They emphasized making a simple service in terms of its functions for your PDF file. If you are curious about its quality services, try out their website firsthand.

How to put a password to set a password into your PDF file for a secure sharing experience through the internet. The first thing you need to do is visit an online PDF converter tool like GoGoPDF. As you enter their website, a comprehensive option of function will be available for you. Click on the specific function you need to use its service and start encrypting a password to your PDF file.

Once you click on your needs’ function, you will be redirected to a new tab on which you can start putting a password to your PDF file. A step-by-step procedure will be available to you to avoid uncertainties and have a smooth experience. Here is an example of the said instruction.

  • Upload your PDF file into their system
  • Type in your new password for your PDF file.
  • Wait for GoGoPDF to complete its process
  • Lastly, A download button will be available for you to download the newly encrypted PDF file.


Portable Document Format or PDF is the main format we used for our work, business, school work, and other essential things. Hence, being knowledgeable about a converter tool is a crucial tool to have when we deal with PDF every day. Most of the PDF file needs can be found on the website of GoGoPDF, making it among the most go-to platforms for our PDF files.

Like putting a password for your PDF files, other functions are among the most used functions on their website. For that reason, it is essential to be knowledgeable about a converter tool to assist you with PDF files every day. Overall, it is a convenient tool to keep behind our pockets for unforeseen needs in the future.

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