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GNation Announces New Monetization Options for Gamers and Developers Plus A  Blockchain-Based Digital Identity Solution

by Lionel Pereira

Cryptocurrency exploded in popularity this past year. Now 2018 has been marked “the year of the blockchain.” With the way cryptocurrency is going, it has the potential to disrupt all sectors of the technology industry forever. This includes the gaming industry.

GNation, an alliance of companies and a global community for gamers, has announced their two new products with the goal to give gamers and game developers well-deserved recognition — GShare and GPlay.


President of GNation, Sergey Sholom, is also CEO of GameCredits — the new blockchain-based universal currency for GNation. Their first product, GShare allows gamers to put their unused PC power to work and get rewarded in GameCredits.

GShare comes as a desktop app made to turn gamer’s computers into a source of income by harnessing the power of the shared economy. It utilizes your CPU and GPU to perform calculations used for transaction validation, gene unfolding, or something similar to SETI. All gamers need to do, however, is install the program and GShare does the rest. Once gamers have earned enough credits, they can then use them to spend in GPlay, GNation’s game store, or they can purchase in-game items.

GPlay also introduces new monetization opportunities for both gamers and developers. Developers can organize tournaments with prize pools or organize PvP battles with wagering options. Developers can also publish their own Unity-made games with a few clicks and receive payment in fiat or GameCredits. This is due to easy SDK integration and simple API rules which enable esport functionalities.





In addition to this announcement, Sholom has also made it aware to us that GNation has a blockchain-based digital identity solution. We spoke with him directly to learn more.

  1. How does your blockchain-based digital identity solution tie into GNation?

At GNation we’re constantly striving to build an ecosystem of products with the utmost security standards. That’s why we developed Blinking or Blink, an identity management solution built using the Hyperledger blockchain. GNation will be using first and foremost secure gamer and game developers data. However, we know that identity management tools are in high demand, so we’ll also be offering the application to organizations in the humanitarian and financial sectors

  1. How will it benefit gamers and game developers?

Blink is a significant step forward in securing both gamers and game developers private data. As it stands, both groups offer their private information to gaming companies and services. If one of the companies or services is breached (hacked), gamers and game developers data is at risk. Blinking will allow users to secure their data with biometrics and give gaming companies/services access only when it’s needed, after which it can be revoked.

  1. Will this be available to people outside the GNation community?

Absolutely. Identity management is one of the most pressing issues of the 21st century. Every year tens of millions of people are affected by identity theft, cyber warfare, website security breaches, and more. Blink can help secure the data of users in the financial industry, online retail industry, medical industry, and more. One particular application of Blinking we’re looking forward to is for identifying refugees. Refugees around the world struggle to obtain passports for a variety of reasons. Blink would allow refugees to create an identity profile using their biometrics so governments and humanitarian organizations can process/help these people faster.

  1. When will it be released, if it isn’t already?

Right now we’re working to launch pilot programs with some banks. We estimate that the first users get access to Blinking in May of 2018.

  1. What are your plans for the future of GNation and this identity solution?

Going forward GNation will continue to develop and release products to help gamers, game developers, and people around the world. Our team will also work tirelessly to keep Blink up to date with the latest possible security standards while also getting it into the hands of both consumers and companies.

More information about GNation can be found at https://gn.org/.

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