Frederique Constant Watches Made Luxury Accessible

By | December 29, 2020

Swiss-made watches have been the standard of watchmaking. They pride their watches on the quality of their craftsmanship. One of the well-known Swiss watch brands is the Frederique Constant. They have allotted a total space area of 3200 square meters for their watch manufacturing factory and offices. All the parts of their watch are manually assembled and controlled by state-of-the-art equipment. The latest generation of numerically controlled equipment ensures the highest quality and precision of watches. All departments carefully plan and discuss. The process involves the Sales, Marketing, Design, and Workshop department. This involvement results in cooperation from every employee in creating the product. After making the prototype, the micro-mechanical engineers integrate the design into the CNC machine. In the workshop, manually added are the engravings and patterns.

Frederique Constant Company Account

The brand name Frederique Constant originated from the great grandparents of its founders, Aletta Francoise Frédérique Stas-Bax and Peter Constant Stas. The couple founded the company in 1988. In 1992, Frederique Constant launched six watch models. It was in 2002 that they acquired the Swiss sports watch manufacturer, Alpina Watches. The company’s tipping point as a sizable Swiss watchmaking company was in 2011. They made 120,000 watches sold in over 100 countries. In the year 1995, they had the opportunity to be a part of Basel, Switzerland’s elegant watches exhibits. The couple decided to move to Geneva as their company continues to grow. Today, Peter Stas runs the company as managing director. He is a descendant of Constant Stas. If you want to have a luxurious but achievable watch, a Frederique Constant is the way to go.

Company Core Values Integrated Into Every Watch

Frederique Constant aims to make an accessible luxury watch for everyone. Every watch made embodies their values.

  • Design. Frederique Constant gives great importance to watch designs. Classical and traditional, but still timeless is their style. The designers carefully worked out every detail.
  • Passion. Deeply embedded in the company’s culture is its love for watchmaking. Each employee has a part in planning the next design or watches collection of the company. Everyone commits to creating high-quality timepieces.
  • Quality. Each Frederique Constant watch is hand-assembled and manually checked with the aid of equipment. Special equipment controls the standard of each watch for an extended time.
  • Innovation. The brand continues to innovate new technologies to create beautiful watches. The company massively invests in technology to ensure superior technical features.

Frederique Constant Watch Collection

The Highlife collection’s main feature is the strap to the watch case. It is perfect for your everyday watch. In this collection, you have three model choices. One is the Highlife Automatic COSC. This model comes in three design variations: rose gold case with a brown leather strap, blue dial with steel strap, and white watch face with a black leather strap. COSC is a French organization that certifies the quality of Swiss-made watches.

Perpetual Calendar Manufacture

Another model in this collection is the Perpetual Calendar Manufacture. It is a self-winding mechanical movement watch with a power reserve of 38 hours. The most popular design is the steel case watch with a two-toned steel strap. The strap is a combination of silver and rose gold. The last model for this collection is the Heartbeat. Its inner parts are partly exposed.

Frederique Constant: Slimeline Collection for Women

Frederique Constant watches have a Slimeline collection for women. It has a feminine, sleek, and thin design. Three variations you can choose from are the Moonphase, Heartbeat Automatic, and Small Seconds. The Moonphase model has eight diamond indexes and a pearl dial background. The Slimline Heartbeat automatic has the same exposed interior as the Highlife model; the difference is in its watch movement.

The Small Second Model

The Small Second model for both men and women has a separate second dial in the lower center part inside the hour and minutes.

The timeless design of the Classics collection will make it stand out wherever you are. Each model has simple lines and a dial having fine roman numerals. This collection has two eye-catching models. The Carree Ladies with a square case and perfectly complemented with a leather strap. Another is the Art Deco Oval. It has an oval case for a subtle feminine look.

Vintage Rally “Healey”

The Vintage Rally “Healey” is a limited edition in partnership with the Austin Healey car brand. The design and colors took inspiration from British rally cars. A sleek case paired with brown leather straps, this collection shows the love of vintage cars.

Runabout Collection

The Runabout collection has been a result of collaboration with the Riva Historical Society. It is a group of passionate boat enthusiasts. Their goal is to preserve the runabout boat heritage. This collection gives importance to the timeless design and precise engineering that you can also see in runabout boats. All the watch models in this collection have automatic movement.

The Yacht Timer Collection

As a tribute to the Dutch history of sailing, they created the Yacht Timer collection. You can choose between two available models, Yacht Timer Regatta Countdown and GMT. If you are a fan of vessel racing, the Regatta model features a 10-minute timer function. It is the countdown time before the vessel’s race. At the same time, the GMT features the display of the second time zone. This model is for world travelers.

The Smartwatch Collection

For the health-conscious, the Smartwatch collection is for you. It has a Philips Wearable Sensing for a precise measurement of heart bit. You can also change the watch face with two design choices. You can connect the watch to your phone with the Frederique Constant Smartwatch App. With this app, you can fully track your movement, sleep patterns, and fitness goals.

In Conclusion

Frederique Constant mantra is to create a watch with Swiss quality but is affordable. With its intricate designs and durability, you can say that the watch standard is more than the price. The company’s value for design, innovation, passion, and quality is prevalent in each watch they create. They have numerous timepieces for every character and personality. Each collection incorporates Dutch history, tradition, and everyday life. Who says that luxury is expensive? Frederique Constant Watches are luxury made accessible.

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