Flixable is a website that will help you to choose the movie or show best suited for you on Netflix.

Flixable is developed by Ville Salminen for the purpose of solving an issue that pretty much every Netflix user has complained about. 

Have you ever faced the dilemma of not knowing what to watch next on Netflix after you have just finished binge-watching your favorite series on Netflix?

Flixable offers you a simple solution to that dilemma. On Flixable you can find a complete database of the shows and movies that are being streamed on Netflix. 

Flixable will also give you important updates about the upcoming movies and TV shows on Netflix.

Another good thing about Flixable is that the website will also provide you data of shows that are similar to your favorite Netflix series. 

Flixable was developed out of a simple problem faced by Netflix users. One day Salminen’s parents asked him to guide them as to how to navigate for more series and movies on Netflix. 

While looking for solutions on Google, Salimen found this one Reddit post in which users have been constantly complaining about the bad quality of Netflix search engine.  

So he came up with this simple and efficient solution to Netflix’s search navigation issue which is now known as Flixable.

This is what Salimen had to say about Flixable when it was being developed, “The biggest challenge in the project was to remember everything, I had the whole project in mind without any written plans, and handling everything from country-specific metadata to presenting that data in an adequate way wasn’t always so straightforward. I was so eager to see the results that I kept coding sequestered in our apartment, unable to sit down.”

Salimen himself has admitted that he was stunned by the number of positive feedback that Flixable received. 

Users have demanded more features to be added on Flixable. Even Hulu has reportedly contacted Salminen over the prospect of developing a website like Flixable for Hulu.

In its latest, Netflix has focussed more on improving its search option and making its User Interface more interactive using artificial intelligence. However, the benefits that Flixable has provided for Netflix users has made streaming on Netflix a very elegant experience for all.

The founder and developer of Flixable has told that he looks forward to working with the Netflix developers team someday and share his valuable knowledge of Flixable. “I’d really like to cooperate with Netflix somehow since Netflix is the reason why I left my earlier life as a researcher studying the history of psychosurgery and immersed myself in computer science.”

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