Ercryptex Exchange – Independent Crypto Wallet Review

By | April 12, 2022

We have already considered a large number of wallets, among them were Binance, Coinbase and many others. This time we turned our attention to (for the second time). Last time we considered it from the side of security and how much Ercryptex can be trusted. Exchange received a fairly good, one might even say a high rating for security and legitimacy. From the point of view of the security of your coins, we really recommend, and in some cases even strongly recommend, the use of Ercryptex. This is a unique kind of solution that, while preserving the whole “nature” of crypto technologies and blockchain technologies, gives absolute convenience and ease of use without compromising the security of your coins. Let’s see why. makes it easy to store, receive and send all major cryptocurrencies. You just need to register and you can already accept the first coins. Registration is as simple as possible and very familiar, in many ways even easier than anywhere else on other eminent crypto wallets. After you have registered you get access to your wallet.

To send and receive a coin, you have two separate simple and clear menus. If you want to add coins to your Ercryptex wallet, then there is no problem with that either, there is also a separate menu for this. If you use Ercryptex for the purpose of trading, then going to the appropriate menu you will see the simplest interface, which even an inexperienced user will need up to 2 minutes to figure out. After you create the first order, on the trading page you will see the transformations and all the full trading functionality which is just as simple and straightforward, and very powerful in terms of functionality. Here you can absolutely everything, build graphs, curves, save or delete your graphs, combine, etc. Everything you need and even more.

It is worth noting that Ercryptex has very responsive support, many users say that they have not seen better support than on You can get a detailed answer to any question. Even if you are a beginner, feel free to ask them questions that may seem simple to them, they will really gladly answer you.

But in such a good system, unfortunately, there were some drawbacks. Sometimes applications for withdrawing coins are delayed and can be processed by the automatic system up to 5 minutes. This is not critical at all, but we cannot help but write about it. It is worth noting that 95% of all transactions for the withdrawal of coins are executed instantly, but sometimes you have to wait 2-3 or 5 minutes. However, this is not a global problem, especially since it is due to the technological structure of the decentralized system, but we should have said about this.

As a result, is a modern, safe and convenient crypto wallet with Exchange functions that we recommend to use whether you are an experienced trader, just getting acquainted with the cryptosphere or just want to keep your coins safe and not worry about them.

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