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Encrybit – A Crypto Trading Platform with newly introduced features

by Joel Picardo

Encrybit is building a cryptocurrency exchange which puts the user first and the platform would be built with all the tools they need in one single page. The Encrybit trading platform would be loaded with features and its user experience and interface would be extremely simple to use with no switching tabs.

Encrybit would not only be user-friendly but would come with the most advanced security as well have tons of features for the users.

Fast order matching engine feature

The trading platform would come with very less downtime and high trading speed with the fast order matching engine. Every exchange is tested when there are high volumes and Encrybit formulates its order engine on the best level executing 1M+ orders per second. The company would be using AWS advance infrastructure that includes a combination of HPC, EC2, VPC, S3, Lamda pools, DynamoDB, CloudFront and low latency custom enhancement services with programming stack utilizing Java, Python, C++ as backend and node JS & Require JS for front-end rendering.

User Engagement Features

Encrybit plans to become one of the top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges in the world by the year 2021 and that would only possible if there is top notch user engagement.

The companies solution for user engagement would be a whole lot of user activity like

  • Trader of the month
  • Traders with maximum orders per month and ended up with profit
  • New coins/tokens holding and airdrops
  • New challenging competitions among traders and giveaways on it
  • Exchange enhancement developer competitions
  • Token listing voting upon social crowd interest
  • Fascinating trader referral programs
  • Many more as per the cryptocurrency trends

Alerts on Movement Feature

When the company had a survey it was found that 90% of the participant opted for an exchange with which would send them alerts on the rise and drop of coin prices. The company would add the “smart alert” feature in order to set reminders/alarms on specific price movement with a straight notification via SMS, in App notification, exchange website or via email.

Social Trading Feature

Social trading is one of the most liked features among forex exchanges and encrybit would provide its users with those features on the platform. The company would build a smart functionality with review algorithm that provides the ability to exit any time after the trade is copied from a an expert. This would be one of the flagship features of the cryptocurrency exchange.  

Crypto Radar Feature

The company will include Crypto Radar feature into its exchange, which provides the facility for professional and beginner traders to search different tokens and pairs based on their increase and decrease value along with the well known technical indicators like RSI, ADX, MACD, EMA, and SMA value in particular time frame.

Intelligent Profit/Loss Reports Feature

A user would be able to get his/her Profit/Loss report and the would be structured in BI (Business Intelligent) format to give a broad view of the trade history from the selected time frame.

Demo Trading/Paper Trading Feature

The company would build a simple but effective demo-trading feature to help to enhance the awareness about trading and the markets associated with it. This feature will play an assisting role for rookie traders so they can understand the market without any risk and quickly learn the technical and fundamental analysis of trading.

Users will have virtual balance in their account to test their trading strategies also helping experienced traders to test their strategies and trend following methods

Some of the additional features in the exchange would be a news, coin specific group chat, tech analysis, lottery, and friend referral.

The company has mentioned in details about their whitepaper they also have a litepaper for a short description of their project. 

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