Elon Musk pulls Tesla and SpaceX from Facebook after Twitter Challenge

By | March 24, 2018

The famous busniess tycoon ‘Elon Musk’ officially takes down SpaceX and Tesla’s Facebook page, to take a stand against the giant social media dominator earlier this week. This seems to create a negative impact over the Company and CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Both Tesla and SpaceX had over 2 million likes, where Tesla had about 2.4 million and SpaceX had about 2.6 million and were deleted within minutes as directed by its very own founder.

A Facebook page for Tesla Motors still appears to be active indicated by a post on a page named bmw 3 series cover on Facebook itself, though it’s unclear if it’s actually affiliated with the company. A personal page for Musk that looks unofficial is also live. And that might be one of the downsides of deleting your official Facebook presence: Unofficial and fake pages can spring up pretty quickly.

What makes this situation even more absurd is that, it is noticed that a page named as ‘Tesla Motors’ still appears in the records however it is uncertain if it is associated to the official company. Similarly, a suspicious page claiming to be Elon Musk’s official personal page also exists, which could possibly be one of the reasons for Musk taking such a huge step.

So how did all of this begin? At about 11:45am Eastern time Musk responded to a tweet sarcastically which mentioned the removal of the Facebook Page:

And soon the SpaceX page was taken off as well at around 12:20

Following that, the Tesla page was down as well just after Musk’s tweet which said “Looks lame anyway,”.

It’s unclear if the move will be permanent. When someone called out Musk for trolling, he joked right back:

Well, its still doubtful if this implementation is permanent, as when someone got back to Musk for joking, he trolled back

Altogether, it has been a tough and unfavourable week for Facebook worldwide, and could be a troublesome stepping stone for Mark Zuckerberg being the founder and a warning for what is yet to come in the near future. The tremendous fan following of Musk, and considering the fact that he does not see a need of the Facebook platform, could influence others to follow him as well globally.

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