Monthly Archives: November 2020

Guide on speeding up your PC

If you want to make your PC have higher performance, we got you covered. Follow these few steps from, and the magic will work out just fine.  Alter your power settings If you are using the latest Windows 10, there is an option for power saving. We advise that you do away with it… Read More »

3 Of The Best Online PDF Mergers

Some may ask as to why do we need to merge PDF files. Well, imagine if you’re still a student or even a professional, and you’re working on a joint project together. You and the group have different ways of working on a presentation, right? It’s better to convert or save all files and documents… Read More »

PDF Bear: Comprehensive Guide On Converting Word to PDF

These days, PDF file formats are essential to our daily lives. Whether it’s supposed to be in your workplace or at school, and you may want that Word, PPT, Excel, and other file formats turned into PDF so you won’t have to deal with problems such as missing fonts, images, and any sheets during your… Read More »