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How to Fix “VAC was Unable to Verify the Game Session” on CS: GO (3 simple methods)

Gamers get very annoyed while any error pops up while playing. I have been gaming since I was 15 and Counterstrike was one of the best games for PC. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Aka CS:GO has a large following of gamers since it launches. I’m very sure if you are into gaming you must have definitely… Read More »

What is Mozilla maintenance service and how to uninstall or disable Mozilla Maintenance Service?

Before I get to you in detail about Mozilla maintenance service I would like to explain to you what is Mozilla and get you to know everything about Mozilla Maintenance service. I this article I would show you the step by step process on how to disable or uninstall Mozilla Maintenance service. [toc] About Mozilla… Read More »

Best messengers app alternatives to kik| apps like kik

Remember Kik? The popular free messaging app was on the way to becoming the next popular app after Facebook. Things did not exactly work well for Kik as the once most popular messaging apps has lost its appeal over time. Kik messenger lost its appeal mainly because many spam accounts were made on the app… Read More »

How to get rid of avast secure browser from your windows PC (uninstall)

Avast Secure Browser was launched after the company discontinued its Avast SafeZone browser. Avast Secure browser was launched in 2018 with more features and improved speed. When a user installs Avast antivirus on their PC Avast Secure Browser also gets installed by default. Some users find Avast secure Browser very annoying so in this article,… Read More »

Google Chrome Elevation Service (elevation_service.exe): how to locate, disable and its use cases

Google Chrome Elevation service is a standalone or individual file installed in the chrome file in the program files on your PC. In this article, I will show you how to locate Google Chrome Elevation Service on windows Pc and why it installed. I will also tell you the reason why Google Chrome put the… Read More »

Origin Overlay: How to disable Origin Overlay and reduce high CPU usage

Origin overlay has grown to become a largely popular digital video-game distribution platform over the course of time. Origin is developed by arguably the biggest gaming publisher of all time, Electronic Arts. Origin is the database for all games published by EA, including Fifa by EA sports amongst other top gaming publishers. Origin gives a… Read More »

4 Ways To Fix Device not migrated In Windows 10

New windows 10 sure does have a lot of bugs. Some of your devices stop working on your desktop/computer? Frustrating isn’t it? When you rectify the issue you may see an error saying Device not migrated. Well, you are not the one who is facing this type of error. Rest assured there are a few ways… Read More »

Top 5 Sites to Find Crypto Assets Giveaway

[toc] Cryptocurrency is a popular platform acting as a medium of exchange. The digitalized cash system needs a bank account just like we need in other regular transactions where we need to keep a sufficient balance for exchanging. There are websites that allow for the selling, buying or trading of cryptocurrencies for digital and other… Read More »