Monthly Archives: October 2018

BitGo to introduce an Ethereum based token to be backed by Bitcoin

In an official blog post, published on Friday, October 26th, U.S. crypto wallet and blockchain security firm BitGo made an announcement stating that it has begun developing an Ethereum (ETH)-based coin backed 1:1 with Bitcoin (BTC). In the Blog Post, BitzGo explains that this upcoming “Wrapped Bitcoin” shall present its users with a “wide variety of new decentralized use cases that… Read More »

Kenyans Pay Local Restaurant Bitcoin for delicious Meals and knowledgeable Classes on Cryptocurrency

Mount Kenya presents visitors with a visual appeal reminiscent of the ambiance in a realm of utopia. Beyond the charm and aura lies a tech-savvy Kenyan restaurant that has included cryptocurrencies for improving payment. Betty’s site puts its culinary abilities into practical use in “nyama choma,” a tantalizing goat chicken barbeque that many Kenyans savor.… Read More »

Sony introduced Cryptocurrency Hardware Contactless Wallet

Japanese technical gigantic Sony, which has applied for various blockchain-related patents, stated a more substantial step into the crypto world this week. The corporation’s science division Sony CSL (Computer Science Laboratories) reported on Tuesday that it had formed a contactless digital asset hardware wallet. The storing product uses the firm’s IC (integrated circuit) card-based RFID… Read More »

NASSCOM President says cryptocurrency illegal in India

Chief of an Indian not for profit organization recently states in a report released on October 25th that, “All cryptocurrency acts are against the law and illegal.” NASSCOM’s President, Debjani Ghosh, stated on behalf of the association that cryptocurrencies are illegal. NASSCOM a well renounced non-profitable organization with about 2000 plus associated companies for IT… Read More »

Chinese court holds citizens rights to own Bitcoin, terms crypto as property  

A Chinese citizen has the right to own and transfer Bitcoin and its hard forks after the Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration (SCIA) recently confirmed that Bitcoin and several of its hard forks are considered legal property. Over WeChat, SCIA recently published an analysis of a contract dispute where an individual managed nearly $500,000 worth… Read More »

Binance launches a crypto-fiat exchange in Uganda

October 24th, Binance, the world biggest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of trade volume has launched its crypto-fiat exchange in Uganda, according to official announced on Medium.   Users would be enabled to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum, the two biggest cryptocurrencies in the world, with Ugandan shillings through the company’s trading platform. The company stated that… Read More »

AMD’s quarterly revenue forecast cause its share price to plummet as Crypto Mining Falls

AMD, a U.S. chip manufacturer, released its 3rd quarter results, the drop in overall cryptocurrency mining and the falling cryptocurrency markets have disappointed the company’s financial figures. The chip manufacturers quarterly revenue was up by 4% from the previous year to $1.65 billion for the 3rd quarter. However, the company expected a revenue of $1.7… Read More »

British Government stalls the launch of a gold-backed cryptocurrency introduced by the Royal Mint

Latest reports reveal, Royal Mint all set to launch a cryptocurrency backed by gold, seems quite disappointing as it was not expected. The joint partnership with CME, an exchange based in the US quit all its operations relating to cryptocurrencies. The report further states that “The entire operational staff and management of CME was replaced… Read More »

A report predicts Cryptocurrrency to grow into a $1.4 billion industry by 2024

As per a recent report published by MarketsandMarkets, it shows that by the year 2024 the cryptocurrency market shall grow into a $1.4 billion industry. The research group forecasts a 6.18% annual growth for the digital assets space. As per the reports, the main driving forces behind the growth would be high remittances in developing… Read More »