Monthly Archives: October 2018

Bank of America wins a patent for a device that stores cryptographic keys

Earlier on Tuesday, October 30th, Bank of America was awarded a patent for a device that stores cryptographic keys. Also, as per stated by the document’s details, it shows possible applications for cryptocurrencies. The bank summarises a “hardened storage device” for storing private key similar to the ones used for blockchain platforms as per the patent… Read More »

A Canadian cryptocurrency exchange has shut down after reportedly being hacked, refuses to issue refunds

Earlier in the week, a cryptocurrency exchange based out of Canada announced that it has become the latest victim of hackers, claiming that every single penny in its exchange has been stolen as a result of it. However, some individuals have suspected that something even more conspicuous may be on. In a Twitter post which… Read More »

Berlin continues to grow as the leading hub for blockchain & cryptocurrency

In the past couple of years, it has been noticed that Berlin has grown into one of the leading hubs for all things cryptocurrency and blockchain. And thanks to the recent enthusiasm seen for digital currencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Berliners seem to maintain this trend. The German city has been on the radar of cryptocurrency… Read More »

The SEC is “torn” about the crypto space, says BTC Bull Tim Draper

In a recent interview, Tim Draper, a prominent venture capitalist famous for his strategic investments, gave his opinions about regulations in the cryptocurrency space. Significantly his major focus was on two topics, namely, Japan taking an open approach for the sector in general and also China’s decision to make Bitcoin [BTC] illegal in the nation.… Read More »

Ernst & Young Acquired Cryptocurrency Investment Accounting Software

Blockchain technology and digital asset investment have been a heated topic in many economic markets, as more and more financial firms delve into the blockchain-digital asset finance arena, mainly due to emerging regulations and a rise in worldwide demand. It was recently announced that the comprehensive accounting and advisory firm, Ernst & Young, has completed… Read More »

Blockchain expert points out a 500% rise in EOS unique active accounts

EOS networks daily unique visitors have witnessed a rise of more than 500% and currently has 60,000 unique users each day and completed a milestone. EOS network is a blockchain platform for building a decentralized application with a total of 430,000 accounts and these numbers keep in rising daily despite having various governance issues. Ben… Read More »

India’s central government asked to clear stance on cryptocurrency by the supreme court within 2 weeks

Reserve Bank of India (RBI),  the central bank of India, is totally depended on the Central government on any policy decision on the matter of cryptocurrencies and digital currencies.   The supreme court has asked the central government to give a clear stand on the matter of cryptocurrencies. The RBI has been hearing petitions by… Read More »

ETH and LTC should also be bellwether coins like BTC says Charlie Lee

In a time when Bitcoin is still considered as the poster boy and bellwether of the cryptocurrency industry, the founder of Litecoin, Mr Charlie Lee, has expressed a slightly different opinion. He has stated that not only Bitcoin (BTC) but Litecoin (LTC), as well as Ethereum (ETH), also have enough credibility to be termed as… Read More »