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AirAisa plans to develop a proprietary cryptocurrency

In TechCrunch talk with Tony Fernandes the CEO of  AirAsia a $3 billion dollar company. Tony has a plan to replace its “Big Loyalty” Reward program with a proprietary cryptocurrency and will sever as a currency on AirAsia developing financial services platform. Tony Quoted  “We have a product that can be a currency in Big… Read More »

Playboy announces its ambitions to create their own crypto wallet

Playboy and Cryptos- A perfect match? In an audacious bid to take advantage and capitalize on the opportunities of the crypto world, men’s lifestyle entertainment icon Playboy has announced their involvement in the crypto world. On today, the multifaceted media company revealed that  actions have been taken for developing an online payment wallet that will support… Read More »

Understanding Vertcoin And What Makes It ‘The People’s Cryptocurrency!’

Cryptocurrencies were created decentralized, unregulated and anonymous. However, governments around the world have been trying to centralize and regulate cryptocurrency transactions, while also seeking out reports about users investing in them. The three pillars on which the very concept of cryptocurrency stands is under attack from legal and governmental organizations. However, there are some currencies… Read More »

American Express officially files a patent for faster payments via Blockchain Technology

CoinDesk reports reveal, that the largest financial services company worldwide American Express has official registers a patent from faster payment through blockchain technology. The patent application filed by Amex was also officially announced by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Commission. The traveling and courier department of Amex uses blockchain technology to boost payments between individuals… Read More »

5 Ethereum Facts Which Would Surprise Every Ethereum Investor!

Second, only to Bitcoin in terms of market cap, Ethereum is among the biggest names and the most prominent players in the cryptocurrency markets. Many hail Ethereum to be a platform which may eventually overtake Bitcoin some day. Ethereum’s scaling solutions, effective mining options, as well as their smart contracts and dapps have charmed the… Read More »

3 Lesser Known Facts About Bitcoin Which Every Investor Must Know!

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to ever be created – setting off a trend which would eventually see about 1500 other cryptocurrencies over the next nine years. It is easily the most popular name in the cryptocurrency markets and has the faith of millions of investors from around the world. With the rise in awareness… Read More »

Huge games like World of Warcraft can now run on blockchain technology

Huge games, including games as big as World of Warcraft, can now directly run on the blockchain, or the public ledger technology backing the cryptocurrencies. As Loom Network announced that it has a next-generation blockchain platform which will enable developers to run Huge games. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have quite significantly increased their… Read More »

Bitcoin’s whooping drop below $9,000, trading at its lowest this month

Bitcoin is trading at a 20-day low. At press time, the sector’s biggest cryptocurrency via overall fee was persevering with Thursday’s decline into Friday’s buying and selling consultation, dropping nearly $500 beginning around 4:00 UTC, falling from simply over $9,000 to a daily low of $8,587 at four:30 UTC, according to CoinDesk’s Bitcoin fee Index.… Read More »

World’s First Real estate deal on the blockchain made by a women in Vermont

On February 20, Vermont occupant Katherine Purcell officially approved the first totally blockchain-based land deed in the United States. Purcell revealed on Inverse” I was somewhat apprehensive, similar to I couldn’t trust I was doing this,” She also added”Be that as it may, this sort of innovation excites me. Its encryption abilities are awesome regarding… Read More »

Another country declares their ambitions for developing the Blockchain technology

It has been quite some time now since Kenya has had their concerns regarding the blockchain innovation and digital currencies and have been very reluctant when it comes to this matter, also contrasting bitcoin with a “pyramid scheme,” and further stating that it had no legitimate balance. That attentiveness has been shared by the legislatures… Read More »