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KureCoinHub becomes Africa’s first CryptoBank to foster economic empowerment

KureCoinHub is a new cryptocurrency coin launched in Africa, which mainly targets the mainstream users. Considered as the biggest cryptocurrency project in the continent, it is seen as an investment solution that will help Africans overcome poverty. The whole concept will run on a self-service banking platform, set up on the apportioned system of Ethereum… Read More »

Koinex, In Brings The Altcoin Culture to India: Resumes Instant Withdrawls

Koinex is one of the most innovative and experimental exchanges of Indian. They have been in talks for their minimal transaction fees and less difference between buy-sell rates. Although, there have been a lot of complaints too. Mostly, because of the exchange’s not so good customer support, read a detailed Koinex Review . They are… Read More »

Invox Finance: Blockchain Solution For Making Invoice Financing Simpler, Easier and Transparent!

Invoice Financing is a process often used by businesses when they are in an urgent requirement of cash! Businesses tend to require urgent cash from time to time and one of the best ways of getting instant, urgent cash is by selling off their invoices to financers and investors at a discounted price. Basically, these… Read More »

Shping: Incentivizing Retail Shoppers with Cryptocurrency Rewards

Cryptocurrencies have been on the rise over the past several years. Especially in 2017, cryptocurrency prices surged to all-time high and broke all barriers. A much larger number of people now know about cryptocurrencies than ever before! It is no longer a secret of the techies! However, despite all this surge in awareness and rise… Read More »

Bitmain strategically moves towards AI after Bitcoin Mining Dominance

Bitmain built more than 70 % of all the computers on the Bitcoin network. Bitmain builds the Antminer which is used to perform the hash functions involved in trading and mining  Bitcoin.  Now this tech giant which made around 4 billion profit last year now plans to move towards Artificial Intelligence. Jihan Wu, the Co-Founder… Read More »

Ethereum and other Alt Coins continue to grow after closed door G-20 Discussions

Ethereum and other Alt Coins continued to grow after G-20 Discussions: Most of the major cryptocurrencies gained for 2 days in a row on Tuesday after the finance ministers had a productive discussion about cryptocurrencies and other digital assets which took place at a G-20 meeting in Argentina. Ethereum had bounced back after a support… Read More »

Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey terms Bitcoin as internet’s ‘Single Currency’

Oh, how the status-quo has shifted momentum in just a couple of days back it was rumoured that Twitter would be banning Crypto promotions on its platform, and now it can only be termed as an extraordinary turn of events. CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey has publicly revealed his utmost support to the number one… Read More »

Trump bans the use of the popular Venezuelan Cryptocurrency in America

US President Donald Trump signed an order that prohibits American citizens from dealing in any form of cryptocurrency from Venezuela On a day before Venezuela launched its state-owned cryptocurrency called the “Petro“. The Order states “all transactions related to, provision of financing for, and other dealings in, by a United States person or within the United States, any digital currency,… Read More »