Cryptocurrencies Revolutionizing Digital Payments

By | April 23, 2018

Cryptocurrency –The modern era revolution of cash system with no central authority and complete digital system to maintain the peer to peer transactions. Money is a fixed value system and so is Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. It is a system in which only a limited number database can be entered in the specific condition.It is the electronically exchange of monetary value in a blockchain in specific encryptions. The transaction of the Cryptocurrency is pseudonymous and is secure.

Cryptocurrency is a calculated process; it is a limited supply value chain. It is an irreversible process where there no political control. Cryptocurrency is the digital gold. As Cryptocurrency is a decentralized process it has the mechanism that prevents from one party ruling the crypto data blocks. It is the proof of work, where the miners need to find the crypto function which connects the new block to the predecessor. So basically every person can be a bitcoin miner. There are various types of cryptocurrency but bitcoin is the top player in the Cryptocurrency market. As there are top players in every market be it in education or be it in a digital cashless payment system. Everyone has their focus on the top players in the market, the top colleges in education or the top share value of cryptocurrency. Every miner is mining for the proof of work for Cryptocurrency the same way every student in Hyderabad interested in engineering is mining for the top btech colleges in Hyderabad.

Cryptocurrencies are the history in the making. They say change is the constant, and the constant change in the digital market is the cryptocurrency. The market is changing with time but there’s that fact that cryptocurrency is the change that is here to stay. Cryptocurrency is the simple math in making with a simple addressed code in encryption. It’s just like calculating the fees of a complete education system. It’s just like the simple math used to calculate the value of money of a fee structure but just varies with the institutions. The fee structure of Delhi university varies from that of Jain university fees and course, the same way the database of the cryptocurrency code varies. It’s all simple maths that is used with the database with the specific instructions.

Cryptocurrency is worth only the value that someone is willing to exchange. There is no transaction or history of the transaction happening with cryptocurrencies. It’s all related to the specific a specific key that was used to perform it.Cryptocurrency is a new way of monetary transaction and is easy to use. It is safe from hackers and other malware as there is no need for personal information to buy or sell cryptocurrency, all u need is a nickname and it’s all done. It’s not a risky way of investment it’s a new field of study of the monetary system that is free from the political system and a central authority. However, the cryptocurrency is transferable to bank accounts in exchange for money with specific rules and regulations.

Cryptocurrency is the future which has a long way to reach to its potential and stability. It’s time to be part of something revolutionary in the monetary system and accept the cryptocurrency.

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Joel Picardo has been in the Cryptocurrency space from the last 2 years and got to know about it through his mentor Arvind Borhade (CTO at U.CASH). He is also currently managing the operations at UCASH India. He is an individual filled with optimism and destined to be a billionaire in the future. His work ethic and dedication are second to none. He believes that Bitcoin and Blockchain would create a world of new opportunities.

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