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How to change your mouse dpi or adjust mouse sensitivity

DPI (dots per inch) refers to the measuring of your mouse sensitivity, and for a gamer and/or photo editor changing your mouse DPI as per your adjustment is absolutely crucial. Find how to change your mouse dpi and improve your mouse performance to improve your gaming and photo editing skills. What is Mouse DPI? On… Read More »

How to Increase My Verizon Cell Phone Reception?

One of the largest cell phone service carriers, Verizon is known for offering prepaid and postpaid services across the United States. The company also offers television and Internet services along with its phone service combined in its brand, known as FiOS.   According to the 2013 Annual Consumer survey, which was held by, it… Read More »

LiveWave Antenna Review: Is the Hybrid Antenna Safe?

OTT services like Netflix, Hulu, Hotstar, Disney+, Amazon Prime, and others have become an essential part of a person’s day to day life, and with 3G, 4G, and 5G networks offering high-speed internet the cord has one foot in the grave. The number of people installing modernized outdoor antennas and indoor TV antennas to watch… Read More »

How To Find The Perfect Garage Door In Adelaide?

A garage door is nothing but a large door fixed at the main entrance of any garage that shuts and opens using an electric motor or either manually. The doors are big enough to lodge vehicles and automobiles. Garage doors are made of different materials like fibreglass, metal, wood, etc. There are a lot of… Read More »

Best Smart Displays from Google, Amazon, and Lenovo

With the advent of smart gadgets and given the circumstances that we are required to stay home more often these days, it’s more convenient than ever to have a smart assistant that attends to our information needs. You might already be familiar with voice assistants or even have your own smart home device. If you’re… Read More »

Guide on speeding up your PC

If you want to make your PC have higher performance, we got you covered. Follow these few steps from, and the magic will work out just fine.  Alter your power settings If you are using the latest Windows 10, there is an option for power saving. We advise that you do away with it… Read More »

3 Of The Best Online PDF Mergers

Some may ask as to why do we need to merge PDF files. Well, imagine if you’re still a student or even a professional, and you’re working on a joint project together. You and the group have different ways of working on a presentation, right? It’s better to convert or save all files and documents… Read More »

PDF Bear: Comprehensive Guide On Converting Word to PDF

These days, PDF file formats are essential to our daily lives. Whether it’s supposed to be in your workplace or at school, and you may want that Word, PPT, Excel, and other file formats turned into PDF so you won’t have to deal with problems such as missing fonts, images, and any sheets during your… Read More »

How To Find The Nearest Cell Phone Tower Location

With the introduction of 5g networks, the world is more digitally connected than ever. However, we may still find ourselves residing in areas with poor cell reception that affect buildings, individuals, and businesses. For those of you who are affected by poor cell signal. Here in this article, our experts will help locate the nearest… Read More »