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Air Canada to implement blockchain based travel distribution platform to their system

A report published on October 24 states, Canada’s number one airline company Air Canada recently declared its participation travel distribution system based entirely on the blockchain, which is exclusively developed by Winding Tree, a Swiss blockchain startup. The leading airline company ‘Air Canada’ was founded in 1937, which delivers charter passenger and cargo transportation services.… Read More »

Nasdaq rewarded for creating a unique information release system purely based on smart contracts

Nasdaq the most popular and world’s second-biggest stock exchange according to its market cap, officially reveals an all-new blockchain patent award on Tuesday, in order to eliminate the leak of information in the media industry. The drafted application was initially filed in January last year, in reference to, “an information computer system, which was created to securely give… Read More »

Multinational tech giant Huawei to partner with Tencent for launching a coinless blockchain platform

The Chinese FISCO, run by the multinational company Huawei and tech venture Tencent, will soon launch its coinless blockchain platform FISCO BCOS, as mentioned in the press release on October. FISCO in-house has more than 100 financial firms involved which include well-known market leaders slike WeBank, a digital online bank platform established Tencent, and Shenzhen Securities Communication. The entity is planning… Read More »

Coinbase and Circle forms a joint venture to boost adoption of dollar-backed cryptocurrencies

In a bid to establish more ground rules in the quickly evolving asset class, Two of the largest cryptocurrency companies, Circle and Coinbase announced that they would be joining forces. On Tuesday, October 23rd, a joint venture known as the “CENTRE Consortium” was unveiled by both Start-ups. Both cryptocurrency companies stated the aim through this… Read More »

VeChain would launch its first Decetralised application by the end of this month, a peer-to-peer open-source blockchain based gaming platform which allows its user to build custom games and predictive markets would be the first live first decentralized application (DAPP) to go live on the VeChain network. The application was first developed in the Ethereum network, the company saw an opportunity on the VeChain blockchain and after numerous test… Read More »

Design Philosophy behind ThunderChain: Build a User-oriented Blockchain 3.0 Infrastructure

Since the cloud giant Xunlei unveiled its high-performance mainnet ThunderChain, there have been lots of questions and discussions around its infrastructure design and framework. For example, why isThunderChain designed with a technical infrastructure that prioritizes TPS? Why ThunderChain uses PBFT consensus mechanism instead of the more popular POW and POS? Zhang Huiyong, R&D Director of… Read More »

Elizabeth Warren goes berserk against Cryptocurrencies

Earlier on Friday, October 12th, Elizabeth Warren, a certain contender for the 2020 Democratic president went to take a couple of major swipes at the cryptocurrency market. In a Senate Banking Committee hearing, Warren went on to issue a warning stating that it is quite simple to steal cryptocurrencies also many small investors are being… Read More » announces the launch of OTC Trading Desk

Earlier in the previous week,, the popular cryptocurrency wallet provider, unveiled the launch of the counter (OTC) trading desk, in a bid to attract more institutional investors. The company has already been offering custodial services specifically modified to meet the demands of clients such as asset managers and hedge funds. And through the introduction… Read More »

AT&T uses Tech from IBM and Microsoft to launch Blockchain Solutions

According to a press release submitted by U.S telecommunications giant, AT&T, the company announced that it has developed a suite of blockchain solutions programmed to work with tech from Microsoft and IBM. “Bringing even more accountability and transparency to even the most sophisticated supply chains,” for its enterprise customers is the main aim of AT&T’s… Read More »

Maltese Government finalizes the date to put its Cryptocurrency laws in to effect

In a time when most of the jurisdictions all around the world have been cracking down on ICOs and cryptocurrencies or switching to much stricter approaches, the smallest country of the European Union, also the Mediterranean island country has announced that it is drafting regulations which will be easy for the newly born industry to… Read More »