Boost Verizon Signal Strength In Your Building In 5 Easy Ways

By | September 19, 2020

Verizon is the top mobile network carrier in the USA but even that status does mean that you will not experience a weak or non-existent cell phone signal. You may purchase the newest smartphone in the market but will still face network issues on Verizon.  

Let’s get a clearer understanding by studying these statistics.

As per Statista,  a staggering 273.8 million mobile phone users face some sort of cellular connectivity throughout a year. This got us thinking, is there any way to boost the network signal?  How will you explain that in 2020 you missed a work email, failed to text friends or colleagues, or could not surf the web because your cellular device or phone could not connect due to bad coverage? In this virtually engaged world, We surely cannot let a bad network stop us from making an urgent call or checking the latest social media post.

Is your phone or cellular device the reason for a bad network connection?

If you think your device is causing a bad Verizon signal simply restart the phone or reset your phone by taking out the battery and then inserting it back. If that does not solve the problem then the weak cell signal is not caused by your phone or your mobile carrier.

However, there are a few quick and easy solutions that you can do on your own to improve the Verizon coverage in your building or office.

Below is the article, we have provided a step by step guide on:

How to boost the Verizon signal in your building or your office.

What Blocks the Verizon signal in your building

The Verizon cell signal might be getting blocked or weakened by some of the strangest sources that you least expect. Sometimes, improving your cell signal can be as simple as by just opening a window.

Factors like nearby mountains, hills, or tall skyscrapers can obstruct the cell signal from entering your building. If your surroundings are crowded with many people on the same network it can cause a strain on bandwidth due to the excessive number of people using their cellular devices constantly.

Opt for WIFI Calling when the cell signal is weak 

WIFI Calling is available on Verizon and all the top mobile carriers. If you are facing a bad cell signal in your area where WIFI is available, then switch to wifi as it will massively improve your signal in an instant.

 WIFI Calling, however, requires an internet connection and it can use a strong internet bandwidth of your building. If you have several devices connected to the WIFI at once then it can do more bad than good. 

Check out this space if you are facing difficulties while setting up WiFi calling.

Install a Verizon Network Extender in your Building

Verizon is the top-ranked network provided in the country. However, even Verizon’s cell signal strength gets weaker under certain situations.

If your building is surrounded by obstructions like huge walls then Verizon’s 4G network extenders are the right solution to improve the weakened cell signal. Network extenders functions to its fullest in your building and small offices.

While Network extenders are very useful they have a limited scope as it works only when connected to landline internet or WIFI. However if your internet connection is down, then you will need another solution to boost your Verizon network.

Call a Professional Installer for Site Survey

If you constantly get poor Verizon network in your building, eventually you must have figured out the best spots to make calls where you get strong connectivity. Perhaps, you must have even found the spots that are dead zones for cellular service. But if you are still not sure about the strongest signal spots in your place, leave the guesswork and seek help from a professional certified installer. This solution is very efficient that will not cause a major dent in your wallet.   

A professional certified installer will do a site survey of the building and show you the spots where there is potential to strengthen cell coverage throughout the building. In comparison to your guesswork, a professional installer will deliver the most accurate cell signal reading because they use a signal meter.

Following the site survey, you will understand which areas in your place give the best indoor cell coverage and which areas require modifications to increase the Verizon cell phone network. 

You cannot get an accurate signal reading by just looking at the signal bars regardless of the device you are using. We have compiled another article that will help you to get a much more accurate numeric signal reading.  

Check out this space to learn how you can test the signal strength in your building by putting your Android or iOS device into test mode.

Install a Commercial Cellular Amplifier to Boost Verizon Signal in Building

You get many network amplifiers for a reasonable price that are compatible with Verizon’s mobile network while also offering additional support to mobile networks used by Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint amongst others. You can get a custom made solution as per your building structure and install the antennas and amplifiers with the help of a professional certified installer. By doing so you instantly get better cell coverage in your surroundings

How does a cellular amplifier work? 

An amplifier will automatically detect the existing cell signal outside your building and amplify it if required. 

Once the signal is amplified it is then broadcasted all through your building to optimize Verizon’s performance, as well as the other carriers. 

Multiple people can take advantage of the newly enhanced cell signal by connecting multiple devices simultaneously and experience better voice quality, fast internet speeds, lesser dropped calls, and better video and audio streaming capability.

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