Blockchain – A Tool for the Technologists and the Developers

By | August 12, 2018

Well, lets get clear with the basics. So, what is a blockchain? It is a chain of blocks that contain information. This was developed by researches with the idea of timestamping digital documents and thereby making sure that it is impossible to backdate or tamper with the information. Not so famous in the early 2000s, blockchain has earned quite some popularity after it was used to develop the crypto currency Bitcoin.

So yeah, who are the ones who need a blockchain certification? Investment bankers, consultants and advisors, engineering and management students, university professors, software engineers and architects, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, business operation heads, programmers and developers, application architects, senior governments officials, security professionals, administrators, venture capitalists, Angel & Seed investors.

How do you become an expert?

The basic skill you should possess to enter this arena is coding skills. It could be JavaScript, HTML, etc.Do your homework, complete the course and come out with a certificate. Now you are ready to get on with the crypto world. The blockchain certification course covers topics in crypto currency, provides a hands-on experience that let you develop a strong hold on the core platforms in blockchain. The hands-on tests you would be provided with will give you an idea why the engineers coming out every year are so enthusiastic about the crypto world and why everyone wants an app with Ethereum.

How blockchain works?

After you are done with a blockchain certification course, you will possess the skills that would make you earn millions. Once a data has been stored inside a blockchain, it is not an easy task to change it. This data depends on the type of blockchain. If we take the case of the bitcoin blockchain, each block would have information about some transactions such as the receiver, sender or the amount of coins. Another feature about the block is a hash. This is something like fingerprints. Each block has a unique hash that can be used to identify a block and its contents.

After a block is created, the hash will be calculated. Any change within the block changes the hash value. So, you can put it this way, if fingerprint(hash) changes, it is no longer the same block. Hash is very useful in identifying the changes in a block.

Another element in a block in the chain is the hash of the previous block. This technique of having a chain of blocks makes it highly secure. If we take a chain with 3 blocks, lets assume that the hash of second block is altered. Now, the “previous hash” value of the third block also is altered. So, a change in a single block will make the following blocks invalid. To overcome this, there is a process called “proof-of-work”. This mechanism slows down the creation of new blocks. If you tamper with any one block in the chain, you would have to recalculate the proof-of-work of all the blocks ahead.

Another way in which the blocks secure themselves is by distributing themselves. Instead of having a central entity, they go for peer-to-peer where anyone can join. A new member will get the full copy of the blockchain. Each node verifies the new block to make sure that it wasn’t tampered with. If everything sounds fine, the new node is added to the blockchain.


Blockchains are something that is constantly evolving. Smart contracts, a recent development can be used for storing records and creating a digital notary or even for tax collection purposes. Having a blockchain certification means that you know how it works and how to implement a blockchain application. The enterprises are finding it difficult to find the perfect guy in this field. This certification would allow you to fill in the gap between the employees, consultants and the advisors.

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