Bithium – The Next Generation Of Bitcoin

By | April 11, 2018

What is Bithium

Bithium coin (BTH) is an open source, blockchain based, built on the decentralized  platform cryptocurrency that enables instant payments to anyone with minimum transaction fees. Bithium coin also allows you to earn interest for helping maintain security on the network by holding BTH in a Qt Desktop wallet that is attached to the network and allowing transactions to flow through it. The Bithium coin website will include an exchange of multiple cryptocurrencies and utilize Bithium coin on merchant sites providing instant payments with fast confirmation times, regularly less than 5 minute. The goal of the Bithium coin project to make payment process simple and to consistently grow members mutual funds by applying our advanced crypto trading algorithm with 98% accuracy.

Road Map

This roadmap is highlight of Bithium Team’s vision and development priorities. This roadmap is intended to provide an idea of when certain features are likely to become available before the Q3-2018. Some should be available before the 3rd rounds of ICO run out. We are making sure that our developers working 24 hours a day by shifting the works among themselves. From the successful 2nd rounds of ICO, Bithium will emerge as the first cryptocurrency successfully fulfill the investors expectation before the ICO run out.



~Bithium – Concepts & Research R & D Blockchain Options Cryptocurrency Market Research Identified Industry Leaders Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Comparison analysis Startup Founders

~Strategy & Design Concept Created SWOT Analysis Design Mockups Created our Mission & Vision

~Start Development Blockchain Website Whitepaper Testing mode on Web Wallet, Windows Wallet, Linux Wallet
~Promotion of Bounty, 50 BTH per each member sign up and referral bonus during ico round. Total 2,500,000 BTH available for the Bounty Promotion. 2,500,000 BTH was bought by the developers at the rate of 0.085 to be distributed as Bounty bonuses.
~Bithium – ICO & Promotion Initial Coin Distribution will be announced and take place after the successful distribution of Free coin (Bounties) & Marketing Promotions to bring more Crypto Community, Aggressive Marketing Campaign, Press Release, Blog, Social Media, Online and Off Line Marketing. Minimum spend to buy Bithium is $20 to claim the free bounty coin & referral bonus coin. Any member without buying the coin during ico, all free coin will be burned or distributed to all paid account. Also, check aadhar card download by name and date of birth.

~After the successful 2nd rounds of ICO. Immediately Web Wallet, Windows (Mac OS X) Wallet, Linux (Ubuntu) Wallet, Faucet, Android Wallet, Electrum Wallet and Paper Wallet Generator available for all members both active and inactive.

~Bithium Exchange BTH to BTC BTH to ETH BTH to LTC BTH to BCH BTH to DASH.
~Bithium on Other Exchange Hit BTC, Poloniex, Binance, Live Coin & Bittrex. Target Price is $20.
~Bithium – List on Coin Directory Coin MarketCap, World Coin Indexed & Coin Hills. Target Price is $55.
~Security Improvement Features Building and Adding More Security Level in Web and Mobile Platform & Establishing a community supporting, believing and standing by Bithium.
~Bithium – Mining Pool Launching Proof–of-Work Proof- of-Stake POW & POS both Mining Started for Open Sources and Given Support to Miner.
~Bithium – Mobile Apps & Wallet Android Apps BlockChain IOS Apps For Apple.
~Bithium – Smart Card Bithium Launch Smart Card for Store BTH Coin Offline. Target Price is $200.
~Bithium – Partnership With Nos of Merchants and Service Providers. Wallet API should be released on,, and Creation of bithium wallet address made easy for all users.
~More Development features on Bithium will be released, for updates follow
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