Top 10 Accurate Bitcoin Mining Calculator Tools in 2020

By | September 15, 2020

What is a bitcoin

Bitcoin Mining is an essential tool for any Cryptocurrency miner.

This is what Billionaire Richard Branson had to say about Bitcoin Mining Calculators, “Well, I think the bitcoin mining calculator is working. There may be other currencies like it that may even be better. But in the meantime, there’s a big industry around Bitcoin.- people have made fortunes off Bitcoin, some have lost money. It is volatile, but people make money off of volatility too.”

Bitcoin is a digital currency that is the largest Cryptocurrency in the world as per market cap. Bitcoin was launched back in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto and since then it has grown into the most popular search on google. 

Bitcoin is the world’s first cryptocurrency that continues to have a very high exchange rate. That is why BTC continues to be one of the most miner cryptocurrencies globally.

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Where are all Bitcoins stored?

There are a total of 21 million Bitcoins that are stored, transacted, and distributed on a decentralized ledger system called Blockchain.

Why should I use a Bitcoin Mining Calculator?

Bitcoin Mining calculator charges a lower transaction fee in comparison to traditional online payment methods. 

Understanding Bitcoin Mining Calculator

A Bitcoin mining calculator takes into consideration the following aspects and gives you an estimate of the mining potential.

Confirming Transactions 

New Bitcoins Issuance


New Bitcoins surface in the crypto market after Mining.

One cannot simply mine Bitcoins on a regular computer.BTC mining required the usage of high powered specialized computers that are able to solve complex computational maths problems without heating up. 

One a Bitcoin is successfully mined a transaction record gets added to the Blockchain. Every BTC transaction made to date is recorded in the Blockchain ledger that is accessible by users from all over the world..

 Role of Bitcoin Miners:

Bitcoin miners can process any Bitcoin-related transaction on the secure Blockchain network

A Bitcoin miner should have the ability to solve any computational problem that authorizes them to chain together the blocks of a transaction.

Bitcoin miners receive transaction fees for their mining abilities as well as rewards in the form of newly created Bitcoins.

The Best Bitcoin mining calculator :

Bitcoin mining software

The Bitcoin mining software is a free tool through which you can connect your hardware into your preferred mining pool.

A miner is able to inform the pool about the Bitcoin address on which the payout has to be sent by using a mining software.

The speed of your miner, temperature, fan speed, and hash rate is displayed with the help of a Bitcoin mining calculator.

Bitcoin mining calculator is used to add components to an existing blockchain and to create more bitcoins.

Mining software is standard for:

Solo Miners- (You need the mining software to connect your Bitcoin Miner to the Blockchain).

Mine along with a pool – (You need the mining software to you to your mining pool).

If you are a cloud miner then you do not need to use any mining software.

Bitcoin Wallets

Before you even began pursuing Bitcoin mining, the first thing you will need is a Bitcoin wallet. Whatever rewards you earn by mining will automatically get deposited into your Bitcoin wallet by the mining software.

Once you have completed all steps to create a Bitcoin wallet, you will receive a bitcoin address from your wallet. In my opinion, Android wallets, Desktop wallets, ios wallers, and Nano X are some of the most secure Bitcoin wallets.

In order to locate blocks, cryptocurrency mining technology makes use of the processing power of the computer’s graphics processing unit (GPU).

You can either be a solo miner or join a mining pool. While being a solo miner has its advantages being part of a mining pool gives you access to unlimited resources over a network but the rewards are distributed among the member of the pool.

For Mining a Bitcoin a miner requires huge processing power, the software application to manage the rigs and dedicated hardware like FPGAs or ASICs.

In comparison to other tools that dedicate local server resources to mining pools, Bitcoin mining software leverages the processing power of the site users. Companies make use of such tools to develop their own cryptocurrency.

To develop a working Cryptocurrency mining software, a tool will have to consist of the following things:

1. Ability to allocate resources to cryptocurrency mining.

  1. Make use of CPU or GPU for mining.
  2. Able to connect mining hardware to a mining pool or blockchain network.

After complying with the above requirements here is a list of the best free Bitcoin Mining Calculators in the market.


 Multi Miner is one of the best Bitcoin mining software where you can mine Bitcoins with minimalist efforts. For those of you who have just begun mining, I would highly recommend that you go with MultiMiner as your mining software.

Mutiminer is not available on mobile phones as it is a desktop application, however, it comes loaded with additional features like the Bitcoin Mining calculator

Multi miner is compatible with Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X. As a rookie miner, you can easily switch mining devices( FPGAs, ASICs) and farm different cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc on Mutiminer.

Multiminer uses its revolutionary mining engine to detect all available mining hardware.

MultiMiner has automated software that can detect and connect available network devices. On this mining software, it is very easy to choose the Bitcoins you want to mine.

In addition to that, MultiMiner extends its supports to several mining devices like HashBuster Micro, BFL/Bitforce, and Block Erupter. This crypto-mining platform also lets you control other MultiMiner rigs remotely.

#2 BFGMIner

BDGMiner is the best-suited software for miners who prefer to build, customize, or modify Bitcoin as per certain specifications. This software gives you the freedom to creativity to modify Bitcoins without any restrictions.

BFGMiner is written in C.

Written in C, BFGMiner is a modular FPGA/ASIC miner with remote interface capabilities, monitoring, and dynamic clocking.

BFGMiner comes with an inbuilt network proxy server and stratum.

In order to avoid any technical glitched, BFGMiner comes with heavily threaded code, work submission to separate threads, and hands out work retrieval.

Getblocktemplate, a decentralized mining protocol is also supported in BFGMiner.

This mining software can automatically generate potential mining opportunities even before the existing work is finished.

Through its watchog thread, BFGMinor is able to relaunch idle thread so even if they fail to respond the mining software protects the systems from crashing.

The tool displays summarised and discrete data statistics of accepts, requests, rejects, efficiency, hw errors, and utility. BFGminer also offers hardware support through which it can monitor device temperature.

Drillbit Thumb and Eight, FGPA boards by Ztex, and Twinfury USB stick miners are some of the many device drivers for Bitcoin that are compatible with BFGMiner. The software also supports drivers for scrypt, like ZeusMiner Units and GAW War Machine.

#3 Easyminer

Developed as free software to mine Bitcoin, Litecoin, Tron coin, and other cryptos Easyminer is one of the best open-source mining software available for free. 

Easyminer is available only for Windows. 

This free tool is used by expert miners but even a new miner can mine coins quite easily with the Best GUY Front-end For Multiple tools provided by this software.

Easyminer simplifies one of the most difficult aspects of Cryptocurrency mining. As a miner, you know that all cryptocurrencies have different command line mining tools that can be accessed with ease on Easyminer.

Easyminer extends support to cudaminer, cgminer, minerd, ASIC and,ccminer mining for Bitcoin.

ou can enjoy mining LTC on its own stratum pool by using Easyminer’s dedicated “MoneyMaker” feature.

In the “Solo” mode of this software users a custom hash algorithm corresponding to the coin they want to mine while also selecting a pool of their own.

Easyminer runs on the NHIL (Network Hardware ID Layer) protocol through which it provides an extra layer of security for the wallet architecture and pool stratum.

# 4 Awesome Miner

The next Bitcoin mining software is a very robust one called Awesome Miner. This software can single-handedly manage multiple mining rigs, of different types(FPGA AND ASICs).

Awesome Miner features a front-end that can be accessed from a smartphone, computer, or tablet. It is compatible with Windows and Linux. 

This software can support over twenty-five mining engines like scminer, cgminer, sgminer, BFGminer and xmrig.

Awesome miner can support all the popular mining algorithms, including Z cash, Ethereum l, X11, SHA-256, and, Scrypt.

In just one operation, miners add, switch, and/or manage pools for multiple users on Awesome Miner.

On Awesome Miner a user can easily monitor the status and temperature of all FHPA and ASICs devices from one location using the comprehensive dashboard.

Awesome Miner can create customized triggers and actions with its built-in C# script engine.

The software simplifies configuring default pools for all Bitmain Antminer ASICs and setting privileged API access in a single operation.

# 5 CGMiner

CGMiner isba very popular mining software among miners mainly due to its versatility.

CGMiner is compatible with Linux, Mac, and Windows.

CGMiner offers extensive support to ASIC, FPGA, and GPU.

Similar to a remote interface, CGMiner has the ability to perform advanced detection of new blocks.

CG Miner also allows a miner to scale to a hash rate of any size with minimum delay. 

# 6 BTC Miner

with almost one lakh forty-two thousand downloads worldwide, BTCMiner is rapidly growing as one of the best cloud-based mining software.

It is very simple to mine Cryptocurrency on this software all you need is a strong internet connection, FGPA mining hardware, and a Bitcoin wallet address.

BTCMiner has a default setting of selecting the frequency with the highest hash rate. BTCMiner has a unique feature of dynamic frequency sailing that is based on error management which sets it apart from the lot. 

The mining software has inbuilt overheating protection and a power-saving mode.

BTCMiner additionally has Bitstream preinstalled through which miners can run the mining software without the need for Xilinx software or license.

# 7 BitMinter

Similar to Easyminer, Bitminter is a GUI based open-source mining software.

Bitminter is compatible with Linux, Windows, and Mac.

The mining software offers extended support to many mining software including ASIC, FPGA, and GPU.

For miners who are looking to mine Bitcoin through BitMinter, you will first have to join the mining pool of the software.

# 8 DiabloMiner

DiabloMiner is a top mining software that runs on Java GPU Bitcoin Miner.

In order to perform complex hashing computations efficiently, DiabloMiner makes use of the OpenCL framework.

DiabloMiner runs best on Mac with good compatibility with the GPU mining hardware.

The mining software will run smoothly on almost every operating system that comprises an ATI Stream SDK 2.1 or any current drivers.

Diablominer is well suited for both pool mining as well as solo mining.

# 9 NIceHash Miner

Nicehash is a secure open marketplace network that connects hashing power buyers with sellers or miners of hashing power.

On NiceHashMiner a buyer has the option to choose the pool on which they want to mine and also the cryptocurrency that they want to mine.

Buyers can make the miner run the MiceHashMiner as per their preference. They can customize everything from the speed to the algorithm. 

A buyer can have unlimited interactions with the miner as long as they are completely satisfied with their mining order.

NiceHashMiner provides miners with computing power to the network and rewards in the form of Bitcoins for every successful mine.

# 10 HASHR8 OS- by Miners, for Miners

This mining software works the best on Linux.

Hashr8 mining software eliminates all minor or major issues faced by other mining software. On Hashr8 miners can maintain a stable mining performance as they can access your Hashr8 account from multiple mining devices. The system can also be managed remotely.

Hashr8 comes up with regular updates in which it fixes bugs and spontaneous errors, thus, improving the efficiency of the hardware.

The rig performance is regularly analyzed by HASHR8 and automatically restarts it in case of a fatal error.

Hashr8 also has an effective mobile app on which you can access your mining system on the go. The mobile app also allows a user to control multiple mining rigs.

Hashr8 comes with support for ASICS, GPUs, and CPUs.

Hashr8 offers a miner three different packages based on their mining preference:

Home Miner: Under this package, you can mine Bitcoins on three mining devices simultaneously.

Pro Miner package comes with free support for three devices following which there is a monthly $2 per new mining device which is still very reasonable.

 Corporate Miner: Under this package, Hashr8 offers additional integration and configuration options along with a dedicated account manager.

Hashr8 offers additional discounts for mining companies that use more than three hundred mining devices.

All three options come inclusive of 24/7 customer support which normally responds within 10minutes.


This mining software is best suited for Windows.

Marek “ Slush” Palatinus, the original inventor of mining pools is the creator of BRAIINS OS+. Marek is also credited for inventing the world’s first hardware wallet Trezor.

Braiins is a free Bitcoin mining software.

You receive incentives from Satoshi labs for joining their slush mining pool and using Braiins Os.

Braiins OS+ extends it supports to S9i, S9, S9j, and Antminer.  This software extends the life span of S9 ASICs and improves the efficiency of S9 products.

The hash rate of S9 boosts by 17+ terra hashes per second if you mine with BRAIINS OS+

Braiins OS+ is also compatible with S9 on low power mode and in comparison to S9i the performance boosts by about  20%.

For a free software, Braiins OS+ has many exciting features like:

  • Unlocked SSH
  • Automatic updates to the OS firmware
  • Instant bootup speed
  • Instant device installation on all devices
  • Complete fan control

Through its stratum V2 communication protocol, Braiins OS+ also has some futuristic features like hash rate variance control, hash rate hijacking protection, and bandwidth load reductions.

Miners can use the stratum on other pools even if it is not supported by those platforms because Braiins OS comes loaded with a nifty Proxy.

# 12 HIVE OS

This Bitcoin mining software is the most compatible with macOS.

Hive OS is a one-stop dashboard where all miners can easily control and keep a track of their GPU and ASICs from just one centralized location.

HiveOS comes with support for Bcash, Bitcoin, Monero, Ethereum among several other cryptocurrencies.

HiveOS can integrate with unlimited and still work smoothly.

HiveOS is a simple drag and drops install software that comes with additional features like automatic detection of rigs that directly he added to the dashboard.

Just like Hashr8, you can track various metrics on HiveOS like:

  • Team Activity
  • GPU errors
  • Online status
  • Hash rate
  • Pool configuration
  • Power consumption

HiveOs comes with worldwide access so you can use this software on the go. This mining software is best for solo miners as you do not have to physically connect with other miners.

 Hive OS has minimum restrictions if a miner wants to switch coins. You can easily switch to a more profitable coin using this software. The miner configurations are set to default which miners can change any time.

HiveOS boosts hash rate with improved efficiency. The software supports 85 mining rigs and 500 different currencies with newer cryptocurrencies getting added frequently.

HiveOS can work at a 100% efficiency even at 25% reduced energy levels.

At a monthly price of $2 per ASIC, Hive OS is very budget-friendly. Any business of more than 500 miners also gets heavy discounts for this software. 

Hive OS comes free for miners who purchase the Hive Firmware upgrade for rigs.

How important is a Bitcoin mining calculator software

I have compiled a list of the best Bitcoin mining software in the world. All of these are free and easy to use.

To be a successful Bitcoin miner it is absolutely crucial to have good bitcoin mining software as I have mentioned above. You may have top mining hardware at your disposal, however, without a Bitcoin mining software, you cannot farm Bitcoins.

Important note for miners

If you are just a rookie miner or a pro-level miner make sure to stick to the basics. Always ensure to download the mining software from a genuine site and not any mirror sites as there are many fake sites that attempt to steal your bitcoins once you download a fake Bitcoin miner from there.

VPNs for Bitcoin Mining calculator

By using a safe VPN you can ensure that there is an added layer of protection on your mining software because no one would like to be a victim of a dangerous Bitcoin hack.

Is Bitcoin Mining is legal in your country.?

Bitcoin mining is a very exciting career to pursue but before you decide to become the next big Bitcoin miner make sure that BTC mining is legal in your native country. Most of the countries do not have major restrictions over Bitcoin Mining, however, make sure to do thorough research about the laws and tax implications well in advance. 

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