Blockchain BitBounce To Launch Cryptocurrency Exchange CredoEx

BitBounce To Launch Cryptocurrency Exchange CredoEx


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BitBounce is a fast-growing and blockchain-based spam solution powered by the Credo token. It allows users to charge unknown people a fee to deliver emails to their inbox. BitBounce is free to use and is one of the few examples of ICOs that have a tangible product. Since their ICO, the company has grown by 100x with well over 300,000 users to date.

On May 1st, the company is launching CredoEx, their own cryptocurrency exchange. We spoke with Stewart Dennis, Co-founder and CEO of BitBounce and CredoEx, to learn more.

  1. What is your background and how did BitBounce and Credo come to fruition?

The concept was initially suggested by Tim Draper while making a seed investment in the company behind BitBounce in 2015. Our founders decided to build the idea at the start of 2017 and made it their focus after seeing its adoption take off. The Credo token was then proposed in mid-2017 as a means to incentivize further adoption of the service and to raise funds. Credos were actually minted during a successful initial coin offering, which ran until September 1st, 2017.

  1. Could you explain how the Credo token works with BitBounce?

BitBounce puts a paywall on email inboxes so that people you don’t know have to pay a fee for their emails to reach your inbox. These fees are paid for in Credo. The token can also be attached to an email as an incentive for a recipient to respond. Once a user has earned Credo, they can withdraw them, use them via BitBounce, or convert them into other currencies using CredoEx.

  1. What led you to create your own Cryptocurrency exchange?

We built CredoEx because of our own experiences with existing cryptocurrency exchanges where we felt major pain points with regard to usability and reliability and noticed significant room for improvement.

Following our ICO, participants voiced that their top priority was support for Credo on exchanges and liquidity. We subsequently worked to list our token on other exchanges. However, we had negative experiences with a number of popular exchanges over the last year, including everything from non-responsive customer service and one-sided listing agreements to 6-7 figure listing fees in some cases. Rather than spend $500,000 or more to list our token on a third-party exchange, we decided those resources could be better spent building and marketing our own.

  1. What makes CredoEx different from other exchanges?

We developed CredoEx with the goal of providing a more reliable service than existing exchanges. We’ve given CredoEx a reliable architecture built on the Erlang Virtual Machine to optimize for high availability and minimal downtime. Our platform provides one of the best cryptocurrency trading for beginners.

Additionally, CredoEx is architected to integrate seamlessly with our flagship product, BitBounce. This means BitBounce users can earn tokens passively via our email paywall, then realize the value of their tokens quickly via CredoEx. Enterprises or marketers using BitBounce will also be able to purchase large quantities of Credo in a more efficient manner on our exchange than by navigating third party exchanges.

  1. How does CredoEx benefit enterprises?

The enterprise version of BitBounce will be released in late Q2. It facilitates incentivized email marketing campaigns to consumers who use BitBounce or an enterprise’s own email list. Such campaigns with attached cryptocurrency incentives have been shown to provide improved response rates, engagement, and more reliable acquisition of attention for enterprises.

  1. What are your plans for the future of BitBounce, Credo, and CredoEx?

Our mission is to transform email into a market for attention. We’ll execute on this by growing adoption of our consumer version from 315K active users to a larger portion of the 4.3 billion worldwide users. We’ll release our enterprise version of BitBounce and grow significant usage on the paid sending side. We’ll continue developing CredoEx into a premier cryptocurrency exchange that can provide best-in-class liquidity for the Credo token and other projects. We’ll continue to innovate along the way by rewarding loyal community members with Credo as part of our proof of usage token incentives and work tirelessly to empower people to be compensated directly for their attention.

Learn more about BitBounce and CredoEx here:

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