Overwatch has grown as one of the most played arcade games. While you might have enjoyed playing the 6v6 multiplayer game, let’s admit it after a point of time you would have outgrown playing Overwatch all the time and thus have wandered in the search for games like Overwatch.

The developers of Overwatch have hinted at a new and improved Overwatch 2 game with much more exciting features, but an official date of the launch is yet to be released. So in any case, if you are bored of Overwatch or are awaiting the release of Overwatch 2, do not let your gaming skills get rusty, as here are the best similar games like overwatch for you to check out.

Here is a list of the best Games like overwatch that are compatible with mobile/android/iOS/PC/MAC/PS4/PS3/PSP



Paladins is like a slower-paced version of Overwatch with bigger maps. The gameplay of Paladins is very similar to Overwatch. You can enjoy first-person shooter experience in both these games with MOBA features.
Paladins is a game that is very similar to Overwatch with a few exceptions with the former focusing more on the customization of each character via a “Card” feature that for a new player can be a bit confusing.
Paladins is much more strategic in comparison to Overwatch as it features larger maps which makes it difficult to spot and gun on an opponent as it involves a lot of running.
Click here to download Paladins from Steam (Free)

BRINK (PC, Xbox 360, PS3)


Developed by Bethesda, BRINK is a one of a kind game like overwatch as it is a parkour-style movement focussed first-person shooter game.
You can play BRINK online with up to 16 players in a one on one battle or play it co-op style. Gamers all around the world have liked the co-op feature of BRINK the most.
Brink is a game based on factions. You can choose from four character classes: Operative, Soldier, Medic, and Engineer, with each class having their own unique set of skills.
You can also use your earned experience points to buy special abilities and customize load-outs in the game.
The multiplayer feature is what makes BRINK one of the best games like Overwatch.
Click here to download BRINK Steam (Free)

Blacklight: Retribution (PC)

Blacklight Retribution

I personally liked the customization options offered in Blacklight: Retribution. The theme of the game is set in a cyberpunk futuristic world. Basically meaning that you can perform loads of customization for your character and different load-outs.
Blacklight: Retribution offers you an arsenal of new weapons that you can try out before creating a preferred loadout that is tailor-made for your playstyle. It is very easy to switching options and changing weapons in this game, however from a pro-gamer perspective, stick to playing a single playstyle in the beginning and mastering it before you move on to multiple different styles. The unique tools and features offered by Blacklight: Retribution is what makes it distinguished game like Overwatch and sets it apart from other FPS in the shooting game genre.
Click here to download Blacklight: Retribution (Free)

Dirty Bomb (PC)

Dirty Bomb

Another first-person shooter game that bears resemblance with Overwatch in terms of style and gameplay is Dirty Bomb.
Dirty Bomb is all about completing objectives and being a good team player because you cannot go all Rambo in a multiplayer game.
Mercs is the term used to refer to the characters in Dirty Bomb, each and every merc has its own unique ability and characteristics.
The only feature that differentiates Dirty Bomb from Overwatch is that the former is slow-paced and all mercs use mature language to this mature themed game.
Click here to download Dirty Bomb from Steam (Free)

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Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 (PC, PS4, Xbox One)

If you are looking for games like Overwatch and TF2 but with a humorous twist then you have landed at the right place. Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 has a very cartoony graphics style with a hint of light-hearted action that makes it a very funny arena shooter game.
Let’s admit it who can pass up the opportunity of shooting corns at zombies. PvZ: Garden Warfare 2, gives you the option of choosing sides, you can be part of the zombie squad or be part of the plant forces.
If you are looking for an action-packed game like TF2 with some light-hearted shooting action then you should give Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 a shot (No Pun Intended!).
Click here to download Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 ($9.99)

Gotham City Impostors (PC, PS3, PSP, Xbox 360)

Gotham City Impostors
Imagine being a Batman fan who absolutely despises Joker Fans, so much so you would want to shoot down Joker fans if you could. You are just in luck, Gotham City Impostors is a game where Batman and Joker fans go at each other in an all-out arena shooter to the death. The game does not have any characters from Batman or his sidekicks neither Joker or his compatriots
Gotham City Impostors is a very maneuvering and movement focussed arcade shooter game. Every single character in this game possesses a unique set of skills as well as homemade weapons available at your disposal.
Let’s admit it every Joker fan would jump at the opportunity to kill a fat guy running wearing a batman costume.
Click here to download Gotham City Impostors (Free)

With that, I conclude my list of the best arcade shooting games like Overwatch. For whatever reasons if you have outgrown playing Overwatch select any of the game from above and put your Overwatch skills to action.

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