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By | May 10, 2018

Got confidential data and are afraid how to be highlighted without losing the ownership of your creativity? Look no further, we got you covered. We’ve made a review of a top-four copy protection software that does whatever they’re told to do. Bear in mind that the ‘copy protection’ feature varies as different software perform different copy protection related tasks and not all of them perform the very same task.

There are hundreds of copy protection software that promises to deliver utmost security against such data duplication related threats but are unable to fulfill as directed. For your convenience, we have compiled a list checked/working copy protection software(s) that you don’t want to miss.

Starting with:

DVD cloner:

DVD cloner as the name suggests clones the DVDs with dependable security. It is easy to use, makes a perfect 1:1, compress a DVD 9 onto a DVD 5, and maintain the rightful ownership of your creativity. It has an ‘Express’ mode and an ‘Expert’ mode. Express mode lets you dig deep into the app’s potential while Expert allows you to walk through the entire process of copying, ripping, and burning a DVD. We’ve made crystal clear analysis of this software and we’re satisfied as we didn’t find anything negative to report. The software is reliable enough to make all your efforts stay under your ownership and that nobody is able to take away what was once with you. Be creative, but be smart as well.

DVD protection – StarForce:

StarForce offers a dependable disc protection which is almost invisible to end-users and becomes a barrier between your data and those who you do not trust. It protects files by encryption them and has a key for decryption located on a DVD. However, the protected files can be opened only if the original disc is inserted into the computer. The system matches the disc key inserted by the user to the parameters of the protected disc. Finally, once the disc gets activated, the disc automatically gets authenticated. Hence, in case if you are also one of those victims who have ample of ideas to share but aren’t able to share them due to the fear of losing its ownership, don’t sweat as now you have something to rely upon.

Copy protection – Newsoftwares:

Newsoftwares created an improved copy protection software that might have an edge against the other competitors. It has a user-friendly interface and creates read only executables for transferring files containing confidential information. The extensions it supports are RTF, DOC, DOCX, MPEG, MP4, WMV, FLV, AVI, MP3, WMA, WAV, AIF, OGG, JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, and more. It helps you create run-only executables that would run only on the devices you create them for. It supports audios, videos, documents and more which aren’t available in the other explained or reviewed options. It works on all disk types such as you can create them in CDs/DVDs/USBs and once prepared, you can simply hand over your DVD or CD to the respective audience without the fear of losing its ownership.

ProtectBurn Video:

This software has been providing quality security solutions since 1996 and is expected to do even better in the future. It helps you prevent data duplication as you can protect your DVDs from being illegally copied and being sold in the black market for rates you are not even aware of. It has a user-friendly interface and is compatible with all the DVD players. It protects against 1:1 sector copies and you can create protected DVDs without authoring the changes. In addition, you can also write/burn DVDs using the standard software and burners like duplicators/robotics system.It offers you a time period of free trial where you can easily check and evaluate whether the software is compatible to your needs and if it is, you may go for the complete version containing all the features.

These are just a few samples of different copy protecting tools and are known for delivering quality security. The top four undoubtedly are the ones explained above and we’re pretty sure they would be having enough juice to satisfy you data duplication related threats once and for all. However, know that all the four software listed above vary in the features they offer are not entirely the same.

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