According to a press release submitted by U.S telecommunications giant, AT&T, the company announced that it has developed a suite of blockchain solutions programmed to work with tech from Microsoft and IBM.
“Bringing even more accountability and transparency to even the most sophisticated supply chains,” for its enterprise customers is the main aim of AT&T’s blockchain solutions that will work simultaneously with Microsoft Azure’s Blockchain Technology and IBM’s Blockchain service for data recording.
The telecoms company’s blockchain-based suite has revealed plans of developing the digitalization of enterprise customers’ business processes, also highlighting the fact that industries such as healthcare, retail, and manufacturing can make full use of the solutions.
In the press release, Andy Daudelin, vice president at AT&T, stated that “the way several companies conduct their business is being entirely transformed by the Blockchain Technology.”
Daudelin also added, “ Security is also improved through Blockchain, as the technology also enables better management of transactions via complex processes.”
Just in the previous month, Azure, a cloud platform of Microsoft proposed a new Ethereum (ETH) proof-of-authority (PoA) algorithm that will enable for a “more efficient” method of building decentralized applications (DApps).
Back in August, in a partnership with Danish transport and logistics giant Maersk, IBM successfully unveiled a blockchain solution that involved 154 million shipping events and 94 organizations.

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