6 Factors To Consider When Choosing A Crypto Marketing Agency

By | February 15, 2022

With cryptocurrency being a relatively new industry, there are few experts in the field. Are you a crypto business owner and are looking to revamp your marketing strategies? If so, are you wondering how to find the right crypto marketing agency for your operations? You’re in the right place; this article will guide you appropriately on this. Read on to gain more insights into some factors you should consider when choosing a crypto marketing agency.

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  1. Services Offered

To vet the services a crypto marketing agency is offering, you should first map out your needs. List all the activities you want the marketing agency to handle, as well as those you don’t want them to do.  

After clearly outlining your needs, check the services an agency is offering. Are they in line with what you require? Do their services meet all your needs? You should select a marketing agency that meets all your needs without compromising on any particular service. 

  1. Qualification

Qualification refers to the training received by the members of the agency’s marketing team. Everyone on their team should have acquired the basic education required for marketing. By ensuring that each member has the skills, you won’t worry if your marketing operations will be appointed to another team besides the management team. In some scenarios, you’ll find that the agency has assigned your crypto marketing operations to team Bs and Cs who haven’t polished their skills. This is undesirable since there’s a possibility of quality lacking in one way or another.

Consider asking about accreditation and certifications. Most professions have regulating or professional bodies, including the marketing industry. If your crypto marketing agency is certified or a member of these organizations, that shows that they’re recognized in their industry.

Various bodies issue certifications after an agency has gone beyond and acquired more professional skills besides the basic educational qualifications. With certification, you’re assured the marketing agency has exquisite skills, and you’ll get quality services.

  1. Experience

Your consideration of a crypto marketing agency shouldn’t end at qualifications when factoring in the quality of services you’re going to get. Experience is something else to consider.

Experience means that the agency has worked with several other clients and has mastered the art of service delivery. Therefore, you’re certain the agency knows what they’re doing, and you can entrust your market operations to them. Therefore, select the crypto marketing agency with the most years of experience.

As you consider the years of experience, inquire about the number of years they’ve worked with a cryptocurrency company. It’s much better to work with an agency that’s serving your industry rather than one with a more generalized approach. A marketing agency specific to the crypto industry can anticipate your needs, and they know what works for your industry and what doesn’t. 

Also, inquire about the number of successes they’ve had with previous clients. How many clients have they offered marketing strategies that worked? Ask for the contacts of these customers and confirm the details. 

Therefore, in general, select a crypto marketing agency with many years of experience in the crypto industry and a track record of successful marketing campaigns.

  1. Flexibility

The cryptocurrency industry is ever-changing, especially regarding regulations. This means that your processes need to be compliant and up-to-date.

For this reason, you need to hire a crypto marketing agency whose structure and strategy are flexible enough to accommodate any changes. At no given time should your crypto business be non-compliant. Therefore, your chosen marketing agency has to keep up with news regarding the crypto industry to be able to adjust your operations accordingly.

  1. Costs
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Different crypto marketing agencies will offer varying prices for their services. As you make your selection based on costs, you need to measure the costs against an agency’s services. These two aspects should go hand in hand. 

Also, refrain from choosing an agency whose costs are on either extreme side of the spectrum: too high or too low. Very low prices might indicate low-quality services or a new entrant in the market who doesn’t know how to price their services. Both situations aren’t desirable. 

On the other hand, extremely high prices could indicate a marketing agency hiding under these costs. This is because they know that clients won’t hire agencies that offer extremely low prices and believe high prices translate to quality services; which isn’t always the case.  

The right crypto marketing agency will offer quality services at a reasonable price. To make the correct decision, consider asking various agencies about their costs so that you’ll have a rough idea of what you’re expected to pay. It would be best to settle for a marketing agency whose costs are reasonable and within your budget.

  1. Team Size

The size of human resources a marketing agency has usually determines the kind of services you’re going to get.

First, the team size will help gauge the agency’s clientele. If it’s a two- or three-member team, you’ll know that they have limited clients and mainly work with small firms. However, this could be a wrong assumption, but it’s the most probable scenario. If the agency has several workers, like ten or so, it shows that they have several clients, requiring a greater workforce to meet the needs of their clients.

The team size also indicates the skillset available. With a small team, there’s a high possibility of each worker handling several marketing aspects of the project. This is quite disadvantageous because they might compromise on quality. How? Marketing has many aspects to it, each requiring different skills. For instance, you usually need a social media expert, web designer, and email marketer.

It’s unlikely that one member has the same skill level across all needs. They may be able to provide you with quality services for areas that fall under their expertise. But what about the other tasks they have to execute but don’t have adequate skills for? Here, you have to choose an agency with a large team, where everyone focuses on what they do best. This way, quality is ensured throughout the entire campaign and not just for a few aspects, increasing the success rates of your marketing.

The number of workers also determines the capability of the marketing agency. Having fewer workers often suggests that they might find it challenging to handle all the workload. This is considering that they have other clients. On the other hand, a larger team signifies that they’re capable of handling any kind of workload without compromising quality. 


As discussed, even with crypto being new, the selection process for a crypto marketing agency isn’t challenging with the right guidance. Consider implementing the tips discussed above, and you’ll settle with the right marketing agency to suit your needs.

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