5 Best Parental Control Apps for Android and iOS in 2020

By | August 5, 2020

Parents have the responsibilities to set the limit for what their kids can access online. This can be a little hard because you can’t possibly be around your kids all the time.

So how do you ensure that the internet is not raising your child for you? Well, the perfect solution is installing parental control apps that do the monitoring for you.

Technology has made parenting much easier. We can also say the same for learning because services like Domyhomework123.com are here to help students with homework.

Parental control apps give you peace of mind knowing that your kids’ mental health is not endangered each time they are online. The internet can be quite damaging for kids because they’re at a very impressionable age.

Here are the five apps you should check out.

1.    FamilyTime

Judging from its name, this application ensures that your child only has access to family-friendly content. This application does everything for you; from setting time limits, customizing content to tracking your child’s location.

Now you won’t have to lose your mind because you have no idea where your child is. One look at FamilyTime, and you can tell exactly where your child is. Isn’t technology great?

2.    Qustodio

Next is Qustodio that is the most effective parental control you’ll ever come across. It has easy to use features. This way, even guardians who’re not well conversant with technology can easily use it. The dashboard has everything you need so that you don’t struggle to use the application.

You can track the texts your child sends and receives to make sure no one is bullying them without your knowledge. Our kids sometimes have bad friends, and they don’t even know it. It’s our responsibility as parents to ensure we protect them from emotional and mental trauma.

3.    OurPact

If you want something a little different, then OurPact is the application for you. Unlike the other application, OurPact allows you to block hurtful messages so that your child doesn’t have to read them at bloggartikel av vpnarena.se om vpn.

You can also block internet access if you feel it’s making your child unproductive. Kids sometimes need tough love for them to grow into responsible adults.

4.    ESET Parental Control

This is a decent parental control application that is suitable for android devices. It comes with a free, as well as a premium version which allow you to decide the level of supervision you want to achieve.

5.    Norton Family Premier

This is your perfect partner when it comes to monitoring your child’s online behaviour. This way, you won’t be caught by surprise because you don’t know who your child is. Be sure to talk to your child if you notice any unhealthy habits.


Parental control is an essential part of parenting. You need to ensure that the content your child has access to is not damaging. Parental control applications are life savers because parents can’t possibly be around their kids all the time. These apps make sure that you know who your child is and that you raise them right.

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